How Porn Leads People to Upgrade Their Tech

Porn has existed since the 1800s. Many people generally agree that Le Coucher de la Mariée, a French film produced in 1896, is the first ever porn film. The film shows a young woman taking off layers of clothes. This clip may seem ordinary to the modern person, but back then it became hugely popular very quickly. The demand for this film convinced industry players that there is a market for such films and thus the porn industry was born.


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The consumption of porn films has steadily grown over the years. This has been primarily down to the various technological advancements in the world. Some of these tech advances even owe their existence to the porn industry.

Projectors and 8mm Cameras

Projectors and 8mm cameras were not as big in the 1950s. This status changed after Harrison Marks, a British photographer, started using the 8mm camera to make short films of women undressing and going topless. Projectors were then used to display these films to people.

The demand for such films led to a massive increase in the sales of 8mm cameras and projectors. The number of porn actors also increased as people realized they could easily make short porn films in the comforts of their homes.


The effect of porn on technology was even more pronounced in the 1970s. Back then, people had to sneak into theaters to watch adult films. This soon changed with the entry of Videocassette recorders (VCR). The promise of watching porn videos at home drove the sales of VCRs. Video porn became so popular that by the late 70s over half of the videotape sales were porn films.

A lot of people chose VHS over Sony’s Betamax back then for the simple reason that the former allowed you to record up to three hours of video footage while the latter could only record footage for one hour. It did not matter that Betamax had better quality films; the people wanted more minutes to record whatever they wanted, proving that quantity does indeed sometimes trump quality.

The Age of the Internet

 Porn’s effect on how people adopt technology was also seen in the age of the internet. People dropped low technology computers in favor of modern computers with high functionality partly because these computers promised easy access to quality porn.

Computers for personal use also became popular due to porn. This was because many companies had open workstations; watching porn in such an environment was just not possible. Wi-Fi companies noted this rise in buying home computers and started rolling out ambitious plans to appeal to these people.

The plans of these Wi-Fi companies mainly worked because people wanted internet connection as powerful as the ones they use at work; watching porn that constantly buffered was destroying their overall experience.

Smartphones also owe some of their popularity to porn.The prospect of having a device that can you can use to access porn any time you want is very attractive. Porn data from the period between 2013 and 2017 clearly shows this.

40% of people used phones to access porn in 2013, and the number rose to 67% in 2017 according to data from a leading porn site. It can be argued that people bought these phones so that they can access porn.

Lately, virtual reality porn has been making an indelible mark in the industry. People want to be immersed in a reality where they feel like they can touch the porn actors. As such, there has been a spike in the sales of virtual reality headsets.


Porn has contributed immensely to the technological advancements we enjoy today. Porn has become more acceptable to society, and people are revisiting history to rightly credit porn for its contributions.