NFC or near-field technology is a type of technology based on electromagnetic waves that enable contactless payment. At least that’s what it’s used mainly for right now. When you combine that with augmented reality, an immersive experience based on real everyday circumstances, what do you get?

Admittedly, few have tried to combine these two (at first glance) incongruous things. One company that has tried is Multi-Color Corporation and Talkin’ Things, a packaging platform provider that has succeeded in creating a unique,immersive customer experience in connectivity that they hope will result in skyrocketing sales.


The provider demonstrates the advantages of smart packaging.It can recognize a customer’s face and offer a variety of dynamic scenarios depending on their emotions.

How does it work? This provider’s packaging features a black skull. When the customer scans the smart label, the skull begins communicating with the consumer. Thanks to its facial recognition capability, the package can perceive the customer’s emotions. Based on whether they are happy or sad, the package proceeds to customize the next part of the dialogue.

Then, variable AR scenarios can occur depending on the customer’s answers to the skull’s questions. President of NA CPG at Multi-Color Craig Miller told Packaging Europe, “Thanks to our labeling production capabilities and Talkin’ Things technology combined with creative services, we are able to offer our Clients a brand new solution that will completely transform a product and change the way end-customers interact with it.”

NFC and augmented reality have been repurposed markedly since their inception. Their impact is felt by everyone dependent on social media, the Internet, and digital promotion of their businesses.

Eyewear Combining NFC and AR

This unexpectedly effective combination is not limited to the packaging industry. A company called WeON, who call themselves Google Glass’top competitors, has started making glasses that interact with mobile devices. People are not inclined to wear Google Glass in public for a variety of reasons, so WeON stepped in to create the first-ever “smart” glasses, optical or sunglasses. The glasses feature several functions, such as remote control, notifications, alerts in case of loss, and customization. As the main deterrent to Google Glass use is their price, WeON’s product is a lot more affordable. They refer to it as “the poor person’s Google Glass”.

WeON Glasses incorporate a battery, Bluetooth 4.0 chip, a buzzer, a multi-color LED set, and two buttons. All these elements are located in one of the frame temples and cannot be seen.