Many businesses are bringing inNFC technology solutions that generate value within their sectors and industries. These companies are finding more ways to improve the customer experience through NFC technologies asthey invest in the relevant processes and infrastructures. This article gives an overview of the industries, into which NFC technology will expand.


Near-field communication has been integrated into many casinos. It is transforming not only the way casino businesses are run but also repurposing and vastly improving the customer experience.


Recently, mobile healthcare specialist Gentag and IT systems supplier Advanced Health & Care announced the international launch of an NFC phone that would be used to monitor home visits by healthcare workers. This mobile phone makes it possible to send workers task lists in real time and also records when they arrive at and leave their patients’ homes.


Dubai’s WafiShopping Center introduced a new service allowing visitors to collect and redeem loyalty points using either NFC or Bluetooth on their mobile phones. Emirates 24/7 quoted SouffianeHouti, founder and CEO of ViaFone Technologies, as saying, “We believe the technology delivers a win-win situation for both merchants and consumers.It is a highly efficient and secure way for merchants to extend their existing point of sale, building profiles of their customers and getting them to dig deeper into their behavior and shopping habits. It is also more environmentally friendly, eliminating — over time — the need for plastic cards.”

Air Travel

NFC is being used in the Japanese airline industry to the delight of travelers. Koichi Tagawa, Chairman of the NFC Forum,pointed out that NFC technology had shortened the boarding process of a 450-seat plane to under 15 minutes, down from 40 minutes without NFC. As a result, customer experience in Japanese airports has improved vastly. Here’s hoping they introduce it across the world!

Facilities Management

Finally, the Milanese Malpensa Airportinstalled a new maintenance system that makes use of NFC tech to enable staff to check in and out of locations. The airport has a network of 50,000 NFC and RFID tags fixed to systems and equipment like fire extinguishers, sprinklers,elevators, and boarding bridges. When you tap a tag, the back office is notified that maintenance and repairs are being carried out — in real-time. The tags also give access to documents like technical specs,checklists, and other information staff may need to complete their work.